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A vitamin and mineral supplement provides a variety of nutrients that are also found in food. These supplements are often called multivitamins. They come in the form of pills, chewable tablets, powders, and liquids. The body only needs a small amount of vitamins and minerals every day. A varied diet generally provides enough of each vitamin and mineral. However, some people may need supplements to correct deficiencies of particular vitamins or minerals- pregnant women, breastfeeding women, cigarette smokers, the elderly, women with excessive bleeding during menstruation, people on chronic low-calorie diets, people who consume alcohol over the amount recommended as safe etc. It is also important to note that vitamin supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. Discover the best brands of vitamins and supplements online on OList.

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Kedi Health Hapatitis Drugs ₦8,500
Effective Hapatitis Drugs and Suppliments
Kosofe · Dec.12
Kedi Health Multivitamin ₦8,500
Effective body Multivitamin and Suppliments
Enugu East · Dec.12
Ultramega Suppliments ₦10,000
Good for the Hearts,Skin Care & weight Management
Enugu East · Dec.12
Kedi Health Cello Q10 ₦10,000
Antioxidant Suppliments and for treatments of Parkinson diseases
Enugu East · Dec.12
Jumax Empire ₦8,000
Benefit of The Product - Our Green Tea Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance. - Our Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight, tummy fat and Lower Your Risk of Obesity. - It clears the skin. - Antioxidants in the Green Tea Lowers Your Risk of Some Types of Cancer. - Green Tea Kills the Bacteria, Which Improves Dental Health and Lowers Your Risk of Infection. - Our green tea helps you lower the risks of chronic diseases
Ikeja · Dec.5
Womb Detox Tea ₦12,000
Detoxifying your system
Alimosho · Dec.11
Hypertension Tea ₦5,000
To normalises your blood pressure
Alimosho · Dec.11
Swiss Guard Prostrate cancer ₦25,500
With our Swiss Guard product you are sure to heal prostrate cancer without any surgery
Ifo · Dec.11
Swiss Guard Ovarian ₦17,500
Swiss Guard Ovarian cyst help cure Ovarian problems and doesn't cause side effect
Ifo · Dec.11
Swiss Guard Ovulation booster ₦19,800
With our Swiss Guard Ovulation booster, you are sure if quick conceiving
Ifo · Dec.11